4 Pack mesh laundry bags for delicates, bra lingerie, zipper travel laundry travel organization Bag for Clothes reusable wash bags

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  • 4 Pack Sets laundry bags Super Size,Perfect Combination,(One white, one black 15.75 * 19.69 inch and two white 11.81 * 15.75 inches).
  • The mesh bag durable, healthy, made of breathable polyester.Fine mesh allows the soapy water to flow gently for optimal cleaning.
  • Protect your delicates from tangling, tearing in washer or dryer, Sturdy plastic frame provides extra support and prevents bras from deforming during machine wash.
  • Auti-rust zipper with auto lock and smart zipper protection will prevent the bag from opening during washing and drying.
  • This delicate laundry wash bag set can meet most family of 4 or 5 demand. It has large space, make washing more adequate , more clean. Suitable for washing clothes, jeans, underwear, socks and other clothing, as well asbath towels, bed sheets and other household items.

3 reviews for 4 Pack mesh laundry bags for delicates, bra lingerie, zipper travel laundry travel organization Bag for Clothes reusable wash bags

  1. SashJ

    Having been using this pretty much with every load, at least the ones with clothes of value. One of those things where you don’t think you need to replace until the current situation where you want to wash your clothes all the time. This keeps things nice and organized, but most importantly protected as some materials don’t rub and play well with others. I can now put dri fit like material clothing in one of these bags and not be worried about putting in a rough towel inside the same load. Comes with a wide variety of sizes so really something for most articles of clothing. Have used it frequently in the last couple of weeks and they’ve held up well, no pilling or loose threads and etc.

  2. L. Hastings

    I purchase a lot of Lulu Lemon clothing and wanted the clothing to last longer. These garment bags have really helped to maintain the quality of my Lulu Lemon items. It prevents my items from getting tangled in the wash, which prevent them from stretching and losing their shape over time. I also noticed my clothing doesn’t pill nearly as much as it would beforehand. Now I wash all my clothes separated into these garment bags.

  3. Meemer

    and I am pleased with the purchase. I keep a small one in the bathroom for washable face wipes, and it’s nice to have a couple of extras. I really like the larger ones for things like socks so the pairs don’t get split up. I also use for more delicate clothing items. The material of the bags is nice and smooth, no snagging of delicates. There is a nice little elastic to hold the zipper closed during the laundry cycles

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